What You Should Know About Natural Deodorant

what you should know about natural deodorant

Gone are the days of quickly running out of your deodorant because a swipe just isn’t cutting it. When using our smell-good all-natural deodorant sticks, a little goes a long way and lasts long too!

How to apply Sam’s Natural DEO

First, be sure to wash and dry your underarms thoroughly to wipe away any build-up or odor that has occurred.

Next, gently apply 1-2 light swipes. We know it’s tempting, but resist the urge to over apply! Over application can cause a minor rash for certain skin types due to the baking soda in our formula.

If this happens, we recommend reducing your usage amount or discontinuing use. Unfortunately, some people may simply be sensitive to our ingredients and are unable to use our natural deodorants.

Making the switch from commercial deodorant to Sam’s

You may experience a brief transition period when switching from a commercial deodorant to our natural deodorant.

This doesn’t mean your body is rejecting the natural deodorant, but rather it’s ridding of the toxins that have built up from your commercial deodorant use. Our bodies have to eliminate the bad to make room for the good!

Initially, this transition may cause an increase in sweat, body odor, or sensitivity, BUT, be patient! The process usually only lasts a few days to a week and the payoff is well worth it.

So long chemicals and clogged pores, hello effective plant-powered pit protection!


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