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Sam’s Definitive Guide to Applying Beard Oil

Your beard practically grows itself, so why do you need beard oil? Let us count the ways. To look and feel its best, your beard needs a little upkeep. And, you want the world to know you’re in control, not your wild facial hair. Beard oil not only tames and moisturizes your beard, it is easy to use. It also helps calm that itchy growing-it-out phase by softening your skin and soothing your follicles without clogging your pores. A softer beard doesn’t break off and grows straighter and more even. Beard oil even keeps that pesky dandruff at bay. And, if that’s not enough, men who use beard oil are proven to look 100% more dapper.

‘Nuff said? Here’s how to make beard oil part of your regular routine:

Apply it right out of the shower. Beard oil works best when your beard is clean, and your pores are warm and more open. Be sure to towel off your chin whiskers so water doesn’t interfere with maximum absorption.

Easy does it. Just 2-3 drops in your palm are usually all you need (think about the size of a dime). Rub your hands and fingers together to warm it and spread it evenly. If you have a particularly long and luxurious beard, you may want to use a little more.

Don’t rush the application. Beard oil works best when it’s applied throughout. Using your palms, stroke your beard down each side, down the front, up through the bottom and finally along your moustache using your fingers.

Comb it in. Follow up with a comb to make sure the oil is evenly distributed, and your beard and moustache are nicely groomed and in place.

Start with every other day. How often you need to use beard oil will depend on you and the environment. You may need more in the winter and less in the summer. Start with every other day and adjust as you need to.

A beard oil can only be good as its ingredients. Look for one that stays away from unnecessary chemicals and relies on good natural ingredients. Thinking of it, you should give Sam’s Simply Great Beard Oil a try. It’s a generous 3 oz of our handcrafted custom blend of hydration awesomeness and amazing scents powered by natural oils. We haven’t steered a beard wrong yet.


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