Why Is My Beard So Damn Itchy?

Why Is My Beard So Damn Itchy?

Let’s face it. A beard is a commitment. You don’t grow that facial glory without some effort and (sometimes) a little discomfort. So what’s up with that sudden (or persistent) beard itch?

So, here’s a fun fact – beard hair follicles are beefy compared to that finer hair on your head. When the coarse beard hair breaks through the skin it can cause irritation and itching, especially if you’re in the first weeks of cultivating your beard.

And, as you continue to grow your luxuriant mane, the lengthening hairs can cause some skin discomfort and lean against other follicles. Or you may have ingrown hairs from previous shaving.

Then, there is the nature of the beard itself. It’s a hoarder of everything from dust particles and dead skin cells to crumbs from this morning’s breakfast. While it holds that undesirable collection close to your precious skin, it can also keep needed moisture away.

Sometimes the itch will resolve itself in time, but why suffer unnecessarily? Putting a regular care routine in place for your beard can help stop the discomfort while making your beard its healthiest and best looking self. And who doesn’t want that?

First things first. You clean what’s dirty don’t you? A good beard wash will keep your whiskers fresh and clean without over drying them.

Follow that just-washed freshness with moisturizing beard oil. It not only makes your beard look great, but it will give those precious beard hairs strength and resilience as well as help to keep your skin supple and smooth. (Check out more beard oil benefits and learn how to apply it like a pro here.)

Want even more control? Tame those wild hairs with beard balm, specially formulated hair wax to make you master of your beard domain.

Don’t put up with the itch. When you invest some time to take care of your beard, it will return the favor by not only looking great, but by being kinder and gentler on your skin. We call that a win-win.

Want more beard care tips? Check out this blog post.

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