Man vs. Nature – Keep Hard Working Hands Working Hard

Man vs. Nature – Keep Hard Working Hands Working Hard

You’ve prepared all winter for this battle. It’s going to be hell out there. Blades are oiled, equipment is primed and ready to go, and you’re ready to dominate. There’s nothing like yanking invading plants out by their roots or lopping off unwanted tree limbs with one clean stroke. Nothing can stop you or your power tools as you take the field (or the yard).

But taking on the jungle doesn’t just work up a sweat. Hours of endless digging, cutting, and pulling nasty weeds can leave your hands as rough, parched, and cracked as the Mojave Desert. You take care of all that expensive equipment. Why not invest a little upkeep into your only pair of hands?

We’ve got you. Just a couple of pieces of friendly advice:

Wear Gloves. Gloves can make the difference between victory on the field and retreat. They defend your hands from blisters, cuts, and puncture wounds all while providing an extra layer of general skin protection. Use chainsaw gloves for heavy-duty cutting jobs, invest in a good pair of leather gloves for working around thorns and especially nasty plants, and use lighter gloves for the other stuff.

Clean and Hydrate.  What’s the first thing you crave after a day in the sun? Don’t you just want something cool and refreshing? Your skin is no different. Dry cracked skin is not only an unwelcome break in your skin defense, it’s damned uncomfortable to boot. If they’re going to be ready for the next battle, parched hands like yours need a no-nonsense soap and scrub to wash away grime and a good lotion or salve to help replenish lost moisture.

When it comes to the right stuff for your hands, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Hard Workin’ Hands Collection  and Gardener’s Seed Scrub Hand Soap – a mighty foursome of essentials you’ll be happy to have on hand. We make them right here in New Hampshire with only the best and most effective ingredients to clean, hydrate, and smooth the dirtiest and roughest mitts.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what these happy customers have to say about:

Hard Workin’ Walnut Hand Scrub

Purchased our second bottle for my son-in-law who happened to try our bottle recently. He has been working for a tree company and coming home with pitch on his hands. He LOVED how the scrub took it all off!!


Hard Workin’ Hand Lotion:

Something like a phenomenon. When they say non-greasy, they mean it. This lotion immediately dries after applying and works well on my dry, cracked farm hands.

- Charles

Hard Workin’ Hand Lotion

I received this product as a Christmas gift from my wife. I constantly complained about dry, cracked hands from working in the construction industry. I will not use anything other than this product now. It isn’t greasy or sticky, like so many workman’s lotion products. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone.

Just a little preventive maintenance goes a long way to keep your hands fit and ready to go. So, get out there and show Mother Nature who’s boss.

Check Out Our Hard Workin' Hands Collection

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