Women's Natural Deodorant


Women have been making the world a better place since existence and it’s time we give back with a complimentary scent. Our women’s all-natural deodorant is a perfectly beautiful and calming blend made with 100% natural lavender and sage oil fused with delicate notes of citrus to nourish your mind and skin. It’s time to treat yourself right.

Size: Net Wt 3 oz | 85 g

Scented with Essential Oil

  • America *loves* our deodorants! Sam's Natural Deodorant is a unique formula that's incredibly effective against odors without the use of harsh chemicals. Our deodorant is made in small batches and uses the power of it's natural ingredients to keep you smelling fresh now in a more feminine way!

  • Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil (cocos nucifera), candelilla wax (euphorbia cerifera), arrowroot powder (maranta arundinacea), MCT oil (caprylic/capric triglycerides), pumpkinseed oil (cucurbita pepo), shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), rosemary leaf extract (rosmarinus officinalis), carrot seed essential oil (daucus carota), tea tree essential oil (melaleuca alternifolia), aloe vera leaf extract (aloe barbadensis), mixed tocopherols, aspen bark extract (populus tremuloides), lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia), litsea cubeba, clary sage essential oil (salvia sclarea).

  • Please take extra care when using our natural deodorants. Vigorously clean areas prior to applying this deodorant. Apply gently to dry, clean areas with 1-2 passes. Do not apply with excessive pressure. Spot test prior to use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • Warning: Manufactured in a facility that uses nut/tree nut oils. Keep out of reach of children. Not for consumption or internal use. Do not use on open wounds. Do not store in direct sunlight or heat.

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Dianna H.
United States

Excellent Deodorant- PLUS ALLNATURAL

I have tried at least 8 different all natural women's deodorants and none of them were effective in preventing musty disgusting arm pit odors. I have been using Sam's for approximately 3 weeks. Within 24 hours I do not have to wash and re-apply and I still smell of light citrus. And the product is not sticky or adhere to my clothing. I will never use anything else. OUTSTANDING PRODUCT. Five Star Rating

United States

Women's Deodorant Review

I like it. I have using other brands and so far Sam's has my vote for daily use. Love that it doesn't feel sticky and that it lasts the entire day!

United States

Love it

Great scent! Best deodorant that I've tried thus far.

Paul P.

Finally found a 'natural' deodorant that actually works!

after using Dove Deodorant for several years, I was forced to switch due to getting a severe rash in both arm pits. I wasn't sure it was caused by the Dove, since I had been using it so long with no issues. After a couple trips to the Dermatologist and and trying out a few different meds and ointments, the rashes would continue to come back. Thinking I was having an allergic reaction to some ingredients in the Dove, I tried at least 3 aluminum free, "natural" deodorants ...only problem was NONE of them work! I was stinky just a few hours later each time. Saw this had good reviews, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been using it for 2 months now...I'm pleasantly surprised with how effective it is! It prevents BO for sure, unlike the others. I'd recommend giving your body a couple weeks to acclimate. It's not as smooth of an application as traditional deodorants but you'll get used to it pretty quickly. Some have complained about the price, but it seems to last twice as long at least, so the price balances out. So far, my rash has gone away....I can't say for sure weather it was the meds or this new deodorant, but I'll continue to use this natural product either way. I never liked the aluminum in my old deodorants, so I'm glad I finally found an option that really works! I bought the women's scent.... it's a bit woodsy/ citrusy....doesn't bother me at all.

Sandi G.
United States


Since the product I used forever started giving me a rash years ago, I have struggled finding a deodorant that actually works. I have tried many natural deodorants over the years, and while there was no more rash, there was also no success. From Day One this product has worked!!! I can take a shower in the morning, work in the yard in the heat all day long, sweat like crazy and I smell like roses! I kid you not. I am a customer for life.


LOVE THIS Deo!!!!!

The fragrance is amazing and even though the fragrance doesn't last all day the deoderant keeps working!!!! It is absolute magic! I recommend this to all the women out there looking for the perfect deoderant! I just ordered some for my daughter for her birthday (weird gift, I know) but I love her and I want her to have healthy things for her body! Great job on this product, I could go on and on...thanks a bunch for the ultimate "pit stick"!!! (hehe)

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