Handsome Holidays

December 10, 2015



It’s that time of year again. Jack Frost is coming around, and there’s no stopping that guy once he starts! No way are we going to let him get us down though. We’re feeling all the Holiday Spirit and filling up the house with the sweet, sweet scents of our new Handsome Candles.

Back with us for the Holiday Season is the super smooth, *Limited Edition*, Spiked Nog Handsome Candle. This candle is a bit nutty, has the perfect amount of spice and is chock full of warmth. Sure to cure the Scrooge from anyone in its path!

Are you more of a just spirits, hold the nog type of guy? Well, let us introduce to you the brand spankin’ new, Whiskey Handsome Candle! Yes, that’s right. The old fashioned sweetness and spicy kick of this candle will have everyone feeling the good tidings, minus the hangover!

Don't forget to swing by our Holiday Shop for some wicked awesome, last minute gift ideas and amazing deals! Supplies are limited, so get them while you can!

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