What will it be; a beard or a 'stache?

November 04, 2015



November is a very special month. It’s not quite winter, but we can all feel that fall is coming to an end. Many participate in the month long event of Movember and/or No Shave November. Both are fantastic organizations with a brilliant cause; to raise awareness for men’s health issues. There is a major difference between the two that should be known. Movember is all about the “mo”, or ‘stache, which is the conversation starter. Men can explain why they are sporting their moustache and spread the word which helps to raise awareness of issues that men are dealing with. No Shave November is more about letting your hair grow wild and free, for those who can’t. This organization is also connected to the American Cancer Society.

Will you be shaping a refined ‘stache this Movember, or letting it grow a little crazy for No Shave November? No matter the case, keep raising awareness and remember, we’re all in this together!

Rachael C
Rachael C


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