Leaf Peeping

October 06, 2015



With each changing season, nature is kind enough to grace us with an amazing exhibition for our viewing pleasure. During the beginning of Autumn, we can bear witness to the beautiful colors of the leaves turning on their trees. Residing in New Hampshire, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have free passes to these works of art. With hues of red, orange and yellow, so vibrantly lighting up the forests, they seem to add some warmth into the chill that comes along with this season. One of our favorite places to go “leaf peeping” is the Kancamagus Highway. Not only is this a great scenic drive for Fall Foliage, but you also have awesome views of the White Mountains and the Swift River, making for quite the perfect setting.

Do you have a favorite town or specific spot to observe this fascinating change in nature? If you could use some inspiration, follow the link below to the ‘Top Fall Foliage Destinations’, as chosen by Farmers’ Almanac.

If you are fortunate enough to be in close proximity to one of these areas, please get out and take in all of the natural beauty that our Earth has to show us this time of year.

Rachael C
Rachael C


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