Earth Day

April 21, 2015


Earth Day is a day of remembrance for all the brave activists that chose to defy the standard way of living and speak out about the harsh reality we now face today. Now more than ever we are systematically killing off our wildliferesources and clean air all life needs to sustain. This year, let's think about how we're going to get serious about climate change and end the government stranglehold on archaic policies and absurd regulations that don't speak to the opinion of the majority, nor science and facts.

The state of California, our largest supplier of produce, has only a year left of water. We knew there was severe drought occurring since 2009, but we can't seem to figure out how to solve the water crisis and we can't seem to persuade deniers that it's a real problem. Yet, we continue to produce the most bottled water from this region. This needs to change now.

In Washington and Idaho, lawsuits have been filed against our own USDA Wildlife Services for the illegal killings of native, protected and endangered wolves. Not only are they using cruel leg traps, they employ disturbing tactics like the use of exploding poison pills hidden in smelly bait, which seemingly violates the Endangered Species Act. Over 2 million wild animals were killed by USDA Wildlife Services in 2012, by 2014 this number doubled to 4 million. It seems like it's the exact opposite of what a Wildlife Protection Agency should be doing.

Speaking of illegal poaching, have you heard the last male white rhino on earth is now being protected around the clock by armed guards? It's reported that the Chinese market for rhino horn is behind the mass killings. Elephants continue to be slaughtered at an incredible rate and it's estimated that African elephants will be completely wiped out and hunted to extinction by 2025. The majestic giant giraffes aren't far behind.

In our waters, we have tons of microplastics showing up in the gills of fish throughout the world's oceans that are being sold for human consumption and changing the natural ecosystems they preside in. We are still overfishing due to our insatiable craving for fish consumption and there are still people killing endangered species like Bluefin Tuna  for trophies and sushi. Fishing nets are trapping endangered sea turtles by the millions and our own navy is issuing a death sentence to thousands of aquatic species with their controversial use of sonar bomb blasts. Yet, we are said to be the patriots of peace...

On land, we find continued effort by the USDA, the Montana government and private land-owners to kill America's last wild bison, one of the most docile creatures to inhabit our great plains. They are hazed and shot by helicopter or captured and shipped out for meat processing. Our own Yellowstone National Park is responsible for baiting the wild bison with hay at their Stephen's Creek bison trap facility, which then ships the bison to nearby tribes for slaughter, hundreds at a time.

Speaking of slaughter, maybe this Earth Day we could all enjoy a vegetarian dish. After all, the carbon effect of a pound of beef is worse than the impact of a gallon of gas. A recent federal report found that a vegan-based diet offers the lowest environmental impact of any diet and can be nutritionally complete. It's about sustainability.

This Earth Day, remember that change starts with you. Change starts with personal responsibility by every one of us. It's the small decisions that matter most. Try to be more conscious about your food choices, the clothes you wear, the hygiene products you purchase, the water you drink and the car you drive. I know it's a lot to take in, but you can make real change happen right now. Small businesses everywhere, like ours, are trying to make big changes happen everyday by making it easier than ever to make eco-friendly consumer choices. It's what drives us to continue to do what we love because we want to have a positive impact in the world, and isn't that the whole point?

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