You Never Know What's Around the Corner

October 31, 2014


You really never know what's around the corner. Four years ago we could have never imagined the amazing journey we have come to know through building our business from the ground up with literally a $20 bill and a leap of faith. It was magic to feel we had created a useful product in an industry that was lacking what we needed. This blog is about the lessons learned along the way and what we know for sure.


Walnut Scrub was our first product. Fact! It took 52 different formulations to achieve today's Walnut Scrub and we're still making improvements.


It was a hit and we began developing complimentary products along the way that felt useful from head to toe. Part of the success we've enjoyed is due to the amazing feedback we have received through the years. It provides us with a depth of knowledge so that we can steer the ship in the right direction. Like the decision to move forward with a vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable product line. This is our foundation. We love that our customers appreciate our efforts to make a vegan product and know that it helps motivate our amazing team of employees every day. They bring so much passion to our company, we are honored to work with them to create this really fantastic place we call 'the workplace'.


We have learned so much from so many throughout the years, but a common thread throughout the journey has always been


You Never Know What's Around the Corner


Like you, much of our journey has been an experience of feeling like a chain of lessons, one after another. Each lesson bringing us closer to our goal of creating a better world by ending the constant, prevalent and nonsensical abuse on animals and human beings around the globe. This isn't a conversation about eating meat versus veggies. It's about ending all the poaching of wild animals in Africa, Asia and even in our own backyard we are systematically killing our last wild bison in the wild west. It's about having reverence for ALL of life and that means awareness in how you spend dollars in the world. We knew early on that we wouldn't be able to use beeswax because of the worldwide collapse of natural bee colonies. Sustainable or not, there is clearly a problem. It's important to us so we know it's important to you too. More on that along the way....


How about a riddle?

My roots are in the ground in European folklore, for I used to be the favorite for Hallow's Eve carving, but alas no more for I have been replaced by a big orange gourd. I am still consumed year round, but unlike the pumpkin, I can claim I am the "original jack-o-lantern". What am I? Get it right and we'll send you a free Sam's Natural Original Beard Oil.

Send your responses to


By the way - I'd really love to answer your questions for our Question & Answer Section!


We are so proud to be able to share this journey with you and invite you to become part of the discussion every week. This week we've discussed the enjoyment is in the reflection of knowing you're ready for rising to new challenges in life and appreciating the wealth of knowledge it brings. A hearty "Thank You" to those loyalists out there that have been with us along the way and cheering us on. Your notes of encouragement and constant referrals are so appreciated and we love that. Keep it coming, guys!


Happy Halloween and Happy Movember to all you bearded brothers out there.


Sam + Kristen




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