5 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Dad

June 14, 2016

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Whether your Dad is funny, smart, goofy or geeky (or all of these!), he is important to you.  He might have taught you how to ride a bike, how to put on a tie or even how to drive a car.  If he’s not the handy type, he might have bought your very first beer, taken you to a baseball game or showed you how to handle yourself in a tight situation.   No matter what type of dad you have, he is special.  He is unique.  There is no dad like YOUR dad.


We often forget that dads like to think they’ve done a good job raising you – and, even if they haven’t qualified for Father of the Year, they most likely did the best they could at the time.  It’s a hard job being a dad sometimes!  For these reasons, we want to share some ways you can celebrate Father’s Day – every day! 


Tip #1 – Thank Your Dad

A simple “thank you” is sometimes all that’s needed to make Dad feel appreciated and happy.  (A smile would probably be very welcome, too!)


Tip #2 – Admit Your Dad is Right Sometimes

Dads usually know what they’re talking about.  They may go about it in the wrong way at times, but dads have LOTS of experience and usually know you (and the situation) better than you think.  Perhaps give your Dad the benefit of the doubt next time and see what happens.  You might say, “Dad, I listened to you and, you know what, you were right!”   I bet he would be gratified (and maybe shocked!) to hear it.


Tip #3 – Talk to Your Dad about His Life

We often forget that our Dads had a life before we were born.   Ask him what goals he might have had when he was younger or what adventures he experienced – it may spur a great conversation (and laughter!) between the two of you that brings you closer.   You may view your dad in a new light and think of him more as his own person, as well as his role as your father.  Give it a try!


Tip #4 – Spend Time Doing Something Your Dad Loves

This might be a painful experience (if your Dad loves eating insanely hot food and you don’t!) or a fantastic experience (you both enjoy fishing and you go on a weekend fishing trip together) but, either way, do an activity with your Dad that HE will enjoy.  If you’re not sure, ask your Mom, his best friend or someone close to him.  Perhaps taking him to a  game where his favorite team is playing, buying tickets to a concert he likes, find a project the two of you can do together (wood working, gardening, building cars, etc), ask him to teach you his favorite card/board game or just go on a hike/walk together.  Any quality time spent with your Dad will be appreciated – and you might be pleasantly surprised if you both have a great time together!


Tip #5 – Tell Your Dad You Love Him

This last one is may be a bit tricky if you (or your Dad) are not comfortable with sharing emotions or emotional feelings.  It’s okay.  There’s an easy way to do this – WRITE IT DOWN.  One of the biggest regrets people have is not telling someone how they feel about them and wishing they’d just been brave enough to do it.  Father’s Day is the perfect time to bite the bullet and have a good “excuse” for sharing your feelings.  You can do it in a silly, funny or crazy way if being “sappy” doesn’t work for you.  Find a funny card (or even a very simple one) and write the words, “I love you, Dad”.  You don’t even have to acknowledge you wrote it, if that would be awkward for either of you.  But, he’ll read it and he’ll know.  Worst case, he’ll ignore it, but feel the love.  Best case, he’ll grab you for a hug and say it back.  Sharing the love is worth it.


No matter how you decide to celebrate Father’s Day with your Dad this year - it may be all of these things or even just one – keep in mind what your Dad means to you and conjure up memories of times that he helped you, taught you a skill, supported you, protected you or simply loved you.    Translate those memories into the present and celebrate the person that is your Dad.


Amanda Battle
Amanda Battle


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Letrina Durrah
Letrina Durrah

March 26, 2017

Thank you so much I appreciate it

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