Honoring Earth Day 2016

April 20, 2016



We love our planet Earth. It takes care of us every moment of the day – warm sunshine, fresh air to breathe, nourishing plants to sustain us and precious water that is the basis of our lives. 

We receive these gifts of life daily and, sometimes, we forget to take care of the very place that takes care of us.

This year is the 46th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22nd) – isn’t that amazing? In celebration of this event, we want to share our 10 Tips for Saving the Planet, two for each day of the week.  

It may not seem like switching from disposable plastic cups to coffee mugs (or reusable glass bottles) would make a drastic change but, if everyone did that, imagine how much less plastic would be piled up in loaded landfills in every country of the world (not to mention how much it would help to improve the air quality by removing many toxic gasses from our atmosphere).

EVERY change, however small, makes a huge difference in the quality of life on our planet. 

And, with this list, we hope to help you find a small change that works for you.

So, let’s go!

10 Tips for Saving the Planet

You can drastically reduce your water consumption by making a few simple changes. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth, filling the sink for washing dishes and switching to a low flow toilet are just some things you can do to save water. For more information about home water conservation, visit this website:


As we mentioned above, the simple act of bringing a mug or reusable bottle to work or school can make a big impact on the world. (Not only that, but liquids just taste better coming from ceramic or glass.) Now, more and more companies are offering awesome reusable utensils and kitchenware, like these:

 This may be something you already do, or have always wanted to get into, so we found a link that will help to get you started and give you more info on what new things may be recycled nowadays. If you aren’t sure which things can be recycled, follow this link:

 When you start despising that crazy t-shirt from last year (but it’s still in good condition), it’s time to help it move along to someone new. Collect a bag full of clothing and donate it to friends or local charity organizations. You could even make your old clothes into cool things that you’ll actually use, like these:


Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood that is clean, looks nice and is a place to enjoy spending time. Grab a garbage bag, gloves and a pointy stick (yes, one of those!) and feel good about picking up that trash on your street. Use this link to help you get started:


 Not only will you save money on gas and help the environment from less emissions, but you could use the time that you aren’t driving to catch up on work, reading, social media or shopping (perhaps on Sam’s Natural??). Here are some carpooling tips to check out:


 If you live in an area where this is possible, totally take advantage of it. You’ll get sunshine (hopefully), fresh air AND exercise…and, more importantly, you might be able to skip the gym that day (yes!)  Some things to think about if you do decide to ditch the car:


 This may sound time consuming and maybe a little gross at first, but it’s much easier than you think and it’s actually fun. Keep a covered container in your kitchen to add vegetable & fruit scraps, egg shells, coffee filters, ripped up paper, etc. and then just dump it out in your compost pile when it’s full. If you’re interested, but not sure, read this quick article on what’s involved:


 There is a lot of pressure sometimes to buy organic foods, but it’s not always practical or affordable. If you are able to buy organic produce and/or dairy products or meat, that’s awesome. If you can’t, then maybe buying local would be a better option. You would be supporting local farmers and the land itself by buying foods made in your area. Plus, they just taste WAY better.  Yum. Here is a link to the most important foods to buy organically and where you can find a local farmers market in your area


 Creating your own veggie garden doesn’t have to be a chore or something overly complicated. It can be as simple as one pot of tomatoes on your deck or a small container of lettuces. Once you feel comfortable growing those, you can always add more. Planting trees in your yard (or donating to places where they will plant a tree for you! will not only add lovely shade and wind protection, but also oxygen for the atmosphere and enjoyment for you and your family. Use this link to start your own veggie garden:


 Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your home, car and workspace, make your own! It’s not only a fun project for kids to help with, but it’s cheaper and better for the environment. Using natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and essential oils allows you to avoid toxic ingredients and the side effects of them, as well. Click here to discover great DIY cleaning recipes:


Spend the day away from the phone, TV and internet. Although the thought of this might freak you out, it actually feels really good once you do it. You start to enjoy the moment and go back to things you loved doing as a kid – spending time outside, playing games, and talking & laughing with other people.  This is a great resource for unplugging:

Respecting and honoring the Earth can be something we can do every day. Small steps can be very powerful. It’s our hope that some of these simple and practical ideas will inspire you and your family. Our awesome team of earth lovers make every attempt to do their part in helping to keep our planet healthy.


What ways have you found to lessen our impact on the planet? We’d love for you to share your ideas!

Rachael C
Rachael C


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